Teeny Tiny Tip: Taxes

On Super Bowl Sunday, are you ready for some ….Taxes?

For several years now I’ve used Super Bowl Sunday as my time for getting my taxes together.

It certainly is impossible to miss, with all the shouting on TV, and endless posts on social media. Even the crafting blogs get into it (guilty!)

The game doesn’t start until evening, but the TV coverage starts early. You have plenty of time to do this task and get it off your list way before it is time to start eating chip and dip.

Instead of waiting until the last second, using Super Bowl Sunday is an easy trick. Most, if not all, federal tax forms (W-2, 1099, etc.) are due to you by January 31st. And the IRS begins processing returns right around the first week of February as well.

If your taxes are easy and/or you are really a DIY-er, then this Sunday is a great day to get everything together and file online. If your taxes are more complicated, Sunday is a great time to find all the papers and get them into that envelope to send off to your tax preparer.

An extra bonus of filing earlier? If you going to receive a refund, it usually comes earlier, too!


Sunday Scrolling: January 29, 2017

Craft rooms, Smitten Kitchen on Food Network and a weekly planner

  • Craft room envy big time, but there are pieces here that could be incorporated into any spot big or small.
  • I’ve been reading Smitten Kitchen for years. So I’m happy for her about her big announcement. And fearful she’ll jump the shark and become another plasticized Food Network celeb that makes things no one would cook.
  • Little notepads are my thing. And this one features a free printable for weekly planning.
  • We don’t really eat sweets,  but this quick idea was so cute I could resist sharing it.


Football Garland

A Silhouette Cameo Print & Cut Project

I’m not sure if you know this, but a big football game is coming up next weekend.

And I don’t need much prodding to produce a garland, so an over-hyped sporting event will definitely serve as an excuse!

For this one, I decided I wanted to hang the garland vertically (which might technically be a streamer and not a garland). And that meant the image needed to be visible on both sides since the footballs were going to move a bit in the air.

I’ve harnessed the power of Silhouette Studio’s Print and Cut feature and  added a twist – I double side printed the image.

How SuzerSpace created this

VW Bus Inspired Tissue Box Cover

So you are probably wondering why I’d want a VW Bus inspired Tissue Box Cover.

Because I saw a Whale Tissue Box cover, of course!

Seriously, I don’t even know how my mind works. And the Internet makes it much, much worse (better?). I saw a link for an Etsy listing of a tissue box cover shaped like a whale. (not an affiliate link).

It was super cute, but super pricey.

So I figured someone on the Internet would have made one from paper or cardboard, right?

So I set up to make one. And then got super distracted by the world that is tissue box cover crafts. One click led to another, until I saw this. (also not an affiliate link).  And my heart exploded.

And then sank. I can crochet, but not like that.

And then I went full circle and realized I could make something like that out of paper.

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Baked Tofu

Tofu isn’t scary. Really.

Tofu is kind of like the opposite of Fight Club.

EVERYONE talks about tofu. I read so much about making tofu that it scared me.

I will confess it took me a few tries to nail down a solid system. My general cooking technique for most food involves skipping any steps I don’t want to do or don’t have a gadget to do it with.

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Teeny Tiny Tip: Freeze White Rice

A quick trick that doesn’t require a full 500-word essay

At our house, those containers of white rice that you always get when you order Chinese food don’t always get eaten right away. They get shoved to the back of the fridge, and then discovered again on trash day.

Which is a shame, because a little white rice can turn leftovers into a great lunch. Or a plain broth into more of a meal. Rice isn’t exactly difficult to make, but it does require planning ahead.

Free take-out rice for future meals
Freeze take out rice in a thin layer for use in later meals

The easy way to make use of that rice is to freeze it. Plop that container of rice into a big freezer bag. Press it into a pretty thin layer that fills the bag, pushing the air out as you go. It can be frozen flat, so it doesn’t take up much room in the freezer. And that thin layer means even when frozen, you can snap off a little bit here and there to suit your needs.



Heart Paper Chain Door Decoration

These cute heart paper chains have been popping up all over Pinterest, and once I saw the basic technique, I knew I was going to make some.

These heart paper chains have been popping up everywhere. Making them into a door decoration is easy

Conveniently, I also needed a new decoration for my front door. It’s January 23rd, so it’s really time for the Christmas decorations to come down, right?

(Like my “hello” sticker on my front door? I cut that out of contact paper by hand before I owned a Silhouette.)

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Sunday Scrolling: January 22, 2017

Decluttering, dinosaurs and soup!

A couple of links I found eye-catching this week

  •  The Turquoise Home has been running a great series – 30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess. I’ve been working for several months on my basement, and this technique for clearing a room has a few nice twists.
  • This beautiful wreath is definitely on my “must make” list.
  • This dinosaur project looks like easy fun.
  • I have a thing for planners and calendars, and even though I never really use them, that won’t stop me from looking/pinning.
  • It’s been cold and foggy all week here in Kansas City, which sounds like soup time!

Send Hugs and Kisses to your Valentine

There are a lot of theories on how the “xoxo” became known for hugs and kisses. I think it’s neat that the convention has stood the test of time.

This card uses them in a bold graphic style to send a hug and kiss through the mail. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

With the cheerful flower cut out card, it was really tricky to get the colored panel on centered. Worst of all, that was one of the final steps in making the card, so you could ruin all your work right at the last second. This card takes the difficultly level down a notch in assembly by providing an extra panel for folding in.

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Teeny Tiny Tip: The best bedside water glass

A quick trick that doesn’t require a full 500-word essay

Do you knock your water glass off your bedside table while rearranging your  blanket? Or miss the table when going to put the glass back down, spilling water near your precious bedside electronics?

Oh. Me neither 🙂

In case you have a friend that does, the best bedside water glass by far is not a glass at all. It’s a sport water bottle.

The best bedside water glass isn't a glass at all

Plastic, so it’s unbreakable. With a nozzle cap so if you knock it over, nothing spills. And if you hunt around, super inexpensive (not a paid endorsement. just my favorite brand of water bottle).

Added bonus – you can take it with you for walks, bike rides or in the car.