Happy New Year!

It’s hard to read that headline without hearing the voice of Frosty The Snowman in my head (I know, he says “Happy Birthday” but that’s not the point), but I really do like starting new projects. New Year’s Day, with the expected issuing of resolutions (or declarations or intentions or that “one little word” project that’s sweeping the internet), sets a stage that feels fresh and exciting.

I make lists of projects that sound fun to do. I make lists of projects that sound horrible to do but really need to be done – is THIS the year we repair the hole in the kitchen ceiling drywall?

I buy plastic bins at Target. I bookmark exercise videos. I add even more crafts and recipes to my Pinterest boards.

And this year, I’m a making a new, really big list. I’m starting this site. It’s a place for me to corral my crafts, my recipes and my odd projects. A place to hold all the SuzerSpin™ I put on life.

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