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Refreshing two-ingredient drink that is low in carbs, high in taste

I’m not sure what it says about me that my first recipe post is actually a drink – I’ll let you decide that one.

But this one is a winner at our house.

There are many competing “original recipes”, but this one is the most familiar to me. But at SuzerSpace, for health reasons, we are always counting carbs, and that version is way over the legal limit.

We were looking for something simple and refreshing for weekend lunch/afternoon drinking. Pared down to two essential ingredients (well, three if you courefreshing drink with beer and citrus vodkant the ice) the drink goes like this:
Grab a pint glass, pour in citrus flavored vodka of your choice. In the summer, we like something lemon/lime flavored. For winter, we go with grapefruit. The amount is up to you (and your plans for the rest of the afternoon). We usually go with something in the 2 tablespoon range, but I’m really not known for measuring. Add ice to fill the glass, and then pour in half a low-carb beer.

This is not the place for an expensive, hand crafted, dry-hopped beer. The whole idea is get a flavored beer-soda like experience that goes with just about any weekend food.

I’m not a nutritionist, but MyFitnessPal says 1 oz of vodka has 69 calories and 0 carbs. The beer label on says 6 oz of beer (half a can) has 49.5 calories and 1.55 carbs.

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