Bicycle Pant Leg Keeper

An upcycle craft

Bicycle riding season is getting close, so I’m crafting to get ready.

In the Spring and Fall, I’m still wearing jeans when I ride, and even though my chain has a guard on it, I’m still pretty fearful my pant leg is going to get caught. I tend to have a more pant leg around my ankles than the average person, because I’m short.

I know how to hem jeans. I just don’t 😉 .

Over the winter I worked through my closet purging items that were too worn out or were just not getting worn. The good stuff went to friends and charity. The old stuff got cut down into rags and squared off bits of material for crafting.

One particular shirt had a snap placket, and I knew it would be good for something so I carefully trimmed of both sides. The shirt was corduroy and the snap plackets were very nicely edged on both sides so they were very sturdy.

That left me with a strip of snap heads, and a strip of snap posts.

Closeup view of the snap post sewn on the wrong side of the snap head strip for a bicycle pant leg keeper

I trimmed off the last one of the snap heads from that strip, and sewed it on the wrong side of the strip of snap posts. I repeated the process, trimming the last snap post from that strip and sewing it on the wrong side of the snap head strip.

I didn’t sweat the details – I hand stitched them using double thread. The stitches are pretty invisible in the black material, and a pant leg keeper is not a high fashion item.

Bicycle pant leg keeper from a snap placket from an old shirt

When I was done, I had two pant leg keepers. Which is handy, since there are two bike riders at the SuzerSpace.

Upcycle the snap plackets from an old shirt into a bicycle pant leg keeper

3 thoughts on “Bicycle Pant Leg Keeper”

  1. What a GREAT idea! Back in the 70s when I was a teen, I had a pair of elephant ear pants. I loved them. One of the pant legs got caught up in the chain on my bicycle. No way to get the cloth untangled except to cut it 🙁 Would love for you to bring this post over to my blog parties. I have 2 going on right now. One is for everyone, the other is for grandmothers. You can see them here:

    1. I’m so glad this brought up a good (or was it bad?) memory. Thanks for the invite – I’ll “see” you at the next Wednesday AIM party!

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