Big Spring Flowers Picture Window

Removable vinyl is perfect for a seasonal display

White flowers and butterflies cut from removable contact paper make a seasonal window display

In the back part of my kitchen I have a beautiful picture window. It lets in great light into the space, which normal people would use for an eat-in kitchen area.

I’m guessing you already know I don’t consider myself normal 🙂

Honestly, we eat at the coffee table in front of the TV. So that space in the kitchen has served as an office area for Mr. SuzerSpace for several years. Recently he vacated it so I could have it for my craft space.

And that big picture window is an excellent display space.

Last winter, I cut snowflakes out of white removable contact paper and adhered them all over the window panes. And closer to Christmas, I cut 8 reindeer with black noses and one with a red one and put them up as well. That was before the blog, but you can see bits of these projects in this post.

The advantage to using contact paper is it is much less expensive than brand name removable vinyl, and in my experience, it’s easier to remove. Since this has become a seasonal installation, I want it to be easy to take down.

For Spring, I wanted to do big flowers and butterflies. I follow BEA Valint on Instagram and a little while back she posted a link to a free cut file that she made for a scrapbooking page. I really liked the style of the flowers, so I downloaded her file and took it apart to isolate a few of the pieces that I wanted for my window.

A lesson I learned from my snowflake window is that you want the images to be pretty big so that they make sense from the yard, and also bigger = easier removal.

In Silhouette Studio

Design page settings for a spring window display

The images I picked needed to be about 8 x 8 since that pretty much fills up the panes in the window. I cut 9 x 9 squares of white contact paper, and I set up my Design Page settings as 9 x 9 to match. I usually cut vinyl without a mat, but contact paper is really thin and rolls up when you let go of it, so I stick that to my mat to keep it steady while cutting.

Cut settings for a spring window display of big contact paper flowers

I moved the various flowers in the cutting area and set up the cut settings (I use the standard vinyl settings when cutting contact paper).

A big flower ready to become part of a spring window display

After they were cut, I weeded them carefully, as contact paper is thin and can tear. I used transfer tape to move them to the window, and then somewhat randomly placed them in the window panes.

As an add-on, I found some butterfly clip art  and cut those shapes as well.

A butterfly ready to become part of the big window display of spring flowers

It’s super cheery to look at both outside and in.

And ridiculously hard to photograph – the best view comes at night, which is the photo at the beginning of the post.


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