Sunday Scrolling: April 9, 2017

Hockey Horns, Bike Repair Stations and Vigilante Grammar Justice

Today is the last day in the regular NHL season – the Stanley Cup Playoffs (which are practically a full season themselves) start on Wednesday. While waiting for the playoffs to start, you can entertain yourself with this great noisy site.

Several parks in our area have installed these cool Bicycle repair stations that have a rack, tools and QR codes you can scan to see videos of common bike issues that you can fix. I’m not sure how many manufacturers there are for these, but here’s a map from one of them to see if there are any where you ride.

Via FiveThirtyEight – Apparently there is a Vigilante Grammarian roaming England, correcting apostrophe mistakes in signage. Sometimes I’m tempted to bring my own Sharpie/White Out kit to the grocery store and correct all those misplaced possessives myself.

None of the links in this post are affiliate – they are all just things that caught my interest this week.

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