Halloween Craft Roundup

Crafters and holidays go together like …

Oh man, I don’t know which cliche to use here so I’ll let you fill in that blank.

But really, having a common theme to work around makes for a lot of fun Crafterday Afternoons.

This weekend, I worked on a few fun halloween crafts.

First, I painted up two more tin can Halloween windsocks.

Halloween Windsocks

Then I created these super easy and super fun spiders, based on this tutorial.


From a package of pipe cleaners (99 cents!) I was able to get 6 big spiders and one tiny guy. I did make them into a garland as suggested, and then are now traveling up my stair rail.

And there is no shortage of ways to make paper pumpkins.

paper pumpkins

Those two above are mashups of a lot of different tutorials. There is this one, which gave me the idea for creasing the leaves, and this one, which uses the strips of paper to make the flatter version. For my stalk, I used a little scrap of a paper bag twisted up to look like the woody stem.

And I recently realized that this is basically the one year anniversary of my purchase of my Silhouette Cameo. So I have to include this throwback shot to one of very first crafts. My phone date stamp says I made this the second day I owned my Cameo.

Frankenstein paper lantern

I used this template for a pyramid box, and added in my own Frankenstein face. I remember it took me all afternoon, and I was so proud of it I ran up the stairs to show Mr. SuzerSpace when it was done.

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