Mini Holly Wreaths

Paper wreaths are perfect for holiday decorating

Mini Holly Wreaths for holiday decorating |

I love the look of multiple wreaths holiday decorating. There are many pinterest pins of beautiful kitchens with each cabinet door adorned with a tiny, perfect boxwood or rosemary wreath.

I’d love to do this in my kitchen, but I know making that many of the same item will tire me out, and not be as much fun as I hoped. Plus I’m not sure how fun it is to have a wreath swinging around as you open and close the doors to make meals. Especially breakfast, before you’ve had any coffee 😉 .

However, a set of 4 small holly wreaths made from paper are within my funzone, and are perfect for hanging on a stair railing.

Supply List

To create your own set of mini holly wreaths, you will need:

  • 3 Sheets (8.5 x 11) green lightweight cardstock. They can all be the same color, or vary them as desired.
  • 1 small scrap of red lightweight cardstock. (Or if you save all your paper weeding shapes, you might have enough red dots in your stash to skip cutting this part)
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Ribbon, twine or yarn for hanging
Cut the files

I’ve created a Silhouette Studio file that contains the holly leaves, the wreath shape with the hanging holes and the circles for creating the berries.

Cut the two different sizes of leaf shapes and the wreath backer out of the green paper. Cut the circles for the holly berries out of red paper.

Cut pieces for the mini holly wreath


Each wreath needs 7 large holly leaves and 7 small. Fold the leaves in half before gluing them down to give the wreath more dimension. To keep the dimension, don’t glue them flat down – just apply the glue in a center stripe and refold them as you push them down to adhere. I glued the large leaves down first, and then added the small leaves in a second layer.

mini holly wreath with first row of leaves

Add the red circle berries as desired.

Assembled mini wreath

Thread yarn/ribbon/twine through the loops and hang. On my stair railing, I added a plaid ribbon bow at the top to hide where I tied them to the baluster.

Mini Holly Wreath ready for hanging


Create a set of mini paper holly wreaths perfect for holiday decorating with the free files in this post. |

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