About Me

I think it all started with art class at summer day camp.

I can still feel it – the excitement of lining up, walking down that hallway to the art room.  I can still smell it – the glue, the clay, the paint.

If you were lucky, you got picked to help pass out the paint brushes or scissors. If you were really lucky, your clay project didn’t explode in the kiln or your painting didn’t get smashed in the bottom of your camp bag along with your wet swimming suit.

I’ve always loved making things. But I’m seriously not an artist. Most of my projects, well, they don’t come out as imagined. Sometimes there are happy accidents. Sometimes (usually) there is swearing.

Papercrafting has always been my favorite. So much that I ended up in the commercial printing business. I work my magic during the day getting customer’s files into shape so we can actually produce the items they want. (Pro tip: Just because a file says “final” or “press ready” or “high resolution” doesn’t make it true).

Last September  I accidentally discovered the world of craft cutting machines and dove in by purchasing a Silhouette Cameo.

I also have a thing for creating odd items on the computer (faux credentials for imaginary events, fake signs, etc.).  And I like to modify recipes so they fit our eating plan, are easier to make and not as unfriendly to my grocery budget.

The SuzerSpace is my place to showcase all that I enjoy, and things I’ve learned and want to share.

I hope you visit often.


Want to contact me? Try susan @ suzerspace dot com