Teeny Tiny Tip: Orange Cubes

A quick trick that doesn’t require a 500-word essay

At work, we somehow wandered down a conversational path that took us from fruits we don’t like to eat (canned fruit cocktail) to fruits that are good frozen, and most of the ideas offered were ones I already knew.

Someone threw out the idea of frozen orange slices in drinks for the summer.

It was late on Friday afternoon. I was already looking forward to Happy Hour. Suddenly I couldn’t hear anything else anymore because frozen orange cubes in a cocktail just sounded amazing.

Repeated testing throughout the weekend proved that to be correct.

Two tips:

  1. Remove as much of the white part of the orange as possible (it gets weird when frozen). Supreming them is an option; I just peeled them very close.
  2. Separate the slices slightly when freezing so they don’t form a frozen orange ball.

Modified Porch Crawler

Refreshing two-ingredient drink that is low in carbs, high in taste

I’m not sure what it says about me that my first recipe post is actually a drink – I’ll let you decide that one.

But this one is a winner at our house.

There are many competing “original recipes”, but this one is the most familiar to me. But at SuzerSpace, for health reasons, we are always counting carbs, and that version is way over the legal limit.

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