House Divided: Packers vs. Cowboys Faux Credential

“Credentials” for the NFC North Divisional Playoff Game

As mentioned elsewhere, I really like to make faux credentials for holidays and other events. It makes our simple celebrations seem more big time.

Today’s NFC North Divisional Playoff Game features the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. At our house, our allegiances are divided.  One of us is from Wisconsin. And the other grew up in West Texas, where it practically required by law to be a Cowboys fan.

I whipped up a set of faux football credentials for the game. This time I added icons to the backs to show the “services” that were included (parking, hotel, kitchen service, free bar, etc.)

How SuzerSpace created this

New Year’s Credentials

Make your humble New Year’s Eve or Day party a little more special

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event or concert, you may have noticed that some people sport lanyards with cards on them with some identifying information. These look kinda like ticket stubs on steroids. In the trade, they are known as credentials. They let working media or VIPs access areas that the rest of us don’t get to go.

To make things exciting at the SuzerSpace, I like to whip up credentials for our “events”. We are homebodies, so New Year’s Eve for us was a run to the grocery and liquor store and then cooking up a meal of cheese enchiladas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend.

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