Valentine Craft Roundup

I’ve realized that every year I say I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, and then every year some craft comes around that I just have to try, and sure enough, I’ve decorated for the holiday.

This year, three projects made their way into my crafterday afternoons:

Faux watercolor cards. While technically not a Valentine’s Craft, I combined this technique with my favorite thing – a pun – to make a cheery card. This also let me work on my brush lettering and doodling challenges that I’m doing this year.

Faux watercolor and doodling create a punny Valentine's Card! | suzerspace.comThis super cute garland tugged at my tyopography heart strings. The original post features a different technique; I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the large letter “U” to make my hearts. (It’s Helvetica Neu Bold Condensed if you are keeping score at home). Strung with red and white baker’s twine, it looks happy over my fireplace.

This polka dot technique is more popular as a Sharpie craft on mugs, but I used it to make a gift card holder.

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Winter White Felt Garland

There’s a neat phenomenon called frequency illusion that tries to explain how something you suddenly became interested in seems to be appearing all around you.

These days, it’s harder to tell if that’s really at work, or if it’s a website’s algorithm or the cookies on your computer that’s causing the same items to keep appearing around you.

Case in point – for quite some time  I’ve had felt projects on my brain. I made a phone holder, but that wasn’t enough. And then Julie at Sum of their Stories whipped up this cute upcycled felt garland (which technically was inspired by this good one at Pillar Box Blue).

After reading those, of course, my Pinterest feed flooded, mostly with pins pointing back to this Anthropologie garland.

I really liked this tutorial. But then I decided to shelve the entire idea, because I didn’t have any felt, and I really hate to go to the craft store and have fabric cut during the holidays. The ladies behind the counter try to keep up, but the entire experience can be major holiday buzz kill. I try and plan ahead, or just do without.

But a couple of weekends ago, while setting up the holiday decorations, I realized the white material I like to put under my holiday train set is felt. And the new location I wanted to put them on is at least half the size of the old. Which means – ding ding – I have extra felt to craft with!

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Digital Gingerbread Holiday Garland

“Bake” a holiday decoration with Photoshop Layer Effects and Silhouette Studio’s Print and Cut feature

As a Photoshop nerd, I believe nothing beats digital “baking” for last minute holiday treats.

And I’m not alone – when I decided I wanted some gingerbread cookie letters for a garland, Google did not disappoint.

Because I’m a do-it-yourself kind of gal, my interest turned mostly to the tutorials. I followed parts of this one which looks like it has a ton of steps, but that’s because they show you how to make the tablecloth and a plate to set them on as well. It’s also a little dated version wise, so if you follow it, be aware that not all the windows will match – the settings are all somewhere, you just have to hunt around a little.

If you aren’t a Photoshop wizard, fear not, because I’m sharing my completed files at the end of this post!

I decided to do a “Happy Holidays” garland made out of gingerbread letters, and the best way to do that is as a Print and Cut in Silhouette Studio.

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Mini Holly Wreaths

Paper wreaths are perfect for holiday decorating

I love the look of multiple wreaths holiday decorating. There are many pinterest pins of beautiful kitchens with each cabinet door adorned with a tiny, perfect boxwood or rosemary wreath.

I’d love to do this in my kitchen, but I know making that many of the same item will tire me out, and not be as much fun as I hoped. Plus I’m not sure how fun it is to have a wreath swinging around as you open and close the doors to make meals. Especially breakfast, before you’ve had any coffee 😉 .

However, a set of 4 small holly wreaths made from paper are within my funzone, and are perfect for hanging on a stair railing.

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Holiday Light Paper Garland

Mini Gift Tags to match!

The first week of December is always holiday decorating time at SuzerSpace. We especially like outdoor lights, but because we both don’t enjoy being on the roof, we never hang them there. We go the easier route of wrapping the bushes and putting up some oversize lights in the flowerbeds.

A Holiday Light Paper Garland fills the back window nicely, and the way the files fit together, there’s room to create a bunch of matching mini gift tags.

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