VW Bus Inspired Tissue Box Cover

So you are probably wondering why I’d want a VW Bus inspired Tissue Box Cover.

Because I saw a Whale Tissue Box cover, of course!

Seriously, I don’t even know how my mind works. And the Internet makes it much, much worse (better?). I saw a link for an Etsy listing of a tissue box cover shaped like a whale. (not an affiliate link).

It was super cute, but super pricey.

So I figured someone on the Internet would have made one from paper or cardboard, right?

So I set up to make one. And then got super distracted by the world that is tissue box cover crafts. One click led to another, until I saw this. (also not an affiliate link).  And my heart exploded.

And then sank. I can crochet, but not like that.

And then I went full circle and realized I could make something like that out of paper.

How SuzerSpace created this

Papercrafting in No Time: A Book Review

Papercrafting in No Time: 50 Inspirational Projects Crafted From Paper by Clare Youngs is a paperback book full of (you guessed it) 50 paper projects.

Here’s the Amazon link, but since I’m not an affiliate, I’m always going recommend you check it out from the library first to see if it’s a keeper.

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Inspiration Browsing: Paper Source

I think most papercrafters think of Paper Source as the mother lode of inspiration. To be honest, the store scares me a little. The two locations here are in very upscale shopping centers, and I wasn’t sure how friendly the staff would be to someone like me who crafts on a tight budget.

Boy was I wrong.

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