Mother’s Day Pin

I’m not sure if it’s good if your daughter is a craft blogger or not. On the one hand, it’sĀ super easy to get me a gift (who else would put paper and glue on their Amazon wish list?).

But it may ruin the surprise of some holidays.

Hopefully she’s too busy this weekend to see this post šŸ™‚ .

The co-worker who received my birthday badge really seemed to like it, and I’ve had a lot of feedback from others with kids who thought they’d likeĀ one for their special day.

ItĀ seemed like a natural shift to make a special pinĀ for Mom for Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Pin”

Olive You – A Valentine’s Card

A Silhouette Studio Print and Cut project

Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I love a good pun
  2. I really don’t like olives

Sometimes I let the olive part slide – small black olive slices are fine on a pizza. If there are chunks in a salad but they can hide in the lettuce, OK. Also, my olive ban does not extend to olive oil (it’s a texture thing, not a taste issue).

For Valentine’s Day, I put together a punny card featuring the Olive.

Use a double sided Print & Cut technique from Silhouette studio to make an Olive You card


How SuzerSpace created this

Conversation Hearts Garland

A Silhouette Studio Print and Cut Project

When I first got my Silhouette Cameo, I thought it only cut, uh, silhouettes. Turns out it does a technique called Print and Cut which lets it do so much more.

The concept of Print and Cut is easy – you set up your artwork that you want to print, add lines to show what you want to cut, and then turn on these magic registration marks so that the Silhouette cutter can take the instructions from the Silhouette Studio software.

The only hard part of the project is taking a decent photo of the garland hanging in my back window. The window faces north, so it’s a pick your photographic poison of too much back light or a weird view of the neighbor’s yard. I promise it looks better in person!

Conversation Hearts Garland hanging in the window


How SuzerSpace created this

Heart Paper Chain Door Decoration

These cute heart paper chains have been popping up all over Pinterest, and once I saw the basic technique, I knew I was going to make some.

These heart paper chains have been popping up everywhere. Making them into a door decoration is easy

Conveniently, I also needed a new decoration for my front door. It’s January 23rd,Ā so it’s really time for the Christmas decorations to come down, right?

(Like my “hello” sticker on my front door? I cut that out of contact paper by hand before I owned a Silhouette.)

How SuzerSpace created this

Send Hugs and Kisses to your Valentine

There are a lot of theories on how the “xoxo” became known for hugs and kisses. I think it’s neat that the convention has stood the test of time.

This card uses them in a bold graphic style to send a hug and kiss through the mail. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

With theĀ cheerful flower cut out card,Ā it was really tricky to get the colored panel on centered. Worst of all, thatĀ was one of the finalĀ steps in making the card, so you could ruin all your work right at the last second. This card takes the difficultly level down a notch in assembly by providing an extra panel for folding in.

How SuzerSpace created this

2017 Glasses

A great prop for New Year’s Eve photos

As mentioned elsewhere, we don’t go out for New Year’s Eve. Technically, we really don’t go out at all. Or have anyone in. It sounds crabby to say we don’t like people, but it’s true.

My ever patient husband indulges my imagination over-drive byĀ letting me decorate for holidays as if Brad and Angelina are coming over. Wait. They wouldn’t be coming over together anymore.


For 2017, I decided I wanted some photo props for our big night. Number one on my list was a banner. Number 2? Glasses.

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2017 Banner

Ring in the New Year with a custom message banner

I have a great big picture window on the back of my house. For years, at Christmas, I hung pre-made plastic holiday garland across it, and it looked good. Over the years, more and more of that plastic began to crumble, and this year, it didn’t make the cut for holiday decorating.

Instead, I used my new Silhouette machine and cut a holiday banner.

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New Year’s Credentials

Make your humble New Year’s Eve or Day party a little more special

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event or concert, you may have noticed that some people sport lanyards with cards on them with some identifying information. These look kinda like ticket stubs on steroids. In the trade, they are known as credentials. They let working media or VIPs access areas that the rest of us don’t get to go.

To make things exciting at the SuzerSpace, I like to whip up credentials for our “events”. We are homebodies, so New Year’s Eve for us was a run to the grocery and liquor store and then cooking up a meal of cheese enchiladas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend.

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