Sunday Scrolling: March 19, 2017

Legos, The Oxford Comma, and an outstanding photobomb video

  • My sister and I had a Lego collection that was pretty impressive. I still have a small selection; she has a ton of old and even more new for her kids. While pursuing the weekly list at Shutterbean this weekend, I saw this – might be the first time I actually participate in a startup fund project.
  • My first job out of college was copy editing at a newspaper. Back when newspapers were still thriving. This is the kind of thing copy editors used to debate while they waited for new stories to come in to edit.
  • And this was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. The first kid is funny. The second kid is funnier. And the mom? Oh my goodness.

Sunday Scrolling: March 12, 2017

New recipes, a cool bike and Daylight Saving Time

  • Food subscription services aren’t really in my budget, but I’ve been the beneficiary of some great coupons from a co-worker. This one just recently came across our radar, and I always like it when they publish their recipes so you can DIY if you wish.
  • Everything at IKEA is so neat. I wish this had more than two gears though – too many hills here to deal with.
  • Hopefully you either remembered to change your clocks, or all your clocks set themselves, because today is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. The good news for us is that the clock in the car that is impossible to set is now right again (we just leave it and it’s right half of the year).

None of the links in this post are affiliate links – they are just things I found interesting this week.


Sunday Scrolling: March 5, 2017

Shadow Boxes, Shrinky-dink pet tags and Flatbread Pizza

  • While looking for a good way to display my collection of Westie pins, I found this amazing shadowbox craft.
  • Shrinky-dink plastic crafts are on my to do list; this one is cute and practical.
  • In an effort to thin down our home made pizza technique, we’ve been using flatbread as our crust. I was inspired by this recipe. I’ll admit I was a little dubious that the broccoli-on-a-pizza idea would hold up, but it is really good.

None of the links in this post are affiliate links – they are just things I found interesting this week.

Sunday Scrolling: February 26, 2017

UV paint, happiness in a box and chair yoga

  • I didn’t even know this kind of fabric paint existed. Definitely want to try a project with it.
  • As a papercrafter, I’m probably going to make my own version of this, but their ideas are great and would make a great gift even if you didn’t want to DIY.
  • Sitting hunched over a keyboard all day isn’t that great for your body. Take a few minutes and undo some of that damage.

Sunday Scrolling: February 19, 2017

A pen holder, sprinkles and a beagle being a beagle.

Looking for a little happy this week – here’s what I found:

  • Handy with Scissors has a great pen holder craft.
  • Via swissmiss – A guy in Philadelphia filled a crack in the road with sprinkles.
  • Mia the Beagle didn’t win the agility competition this year at Westminster. But she won every dog owner’s heart.

Sunday Scrolling: February 12, 2017

Healthyish eating, doormats and “lasers”

Via Dinner a Love Story – Bon Appetit’s website has a new section that looks really good.

I’ve seen a lot of pins and tutorials for making your own doormat, but most of them look like they require a lot more patience and talent than I have. This one looks like it might be right in my league.

Last fall I accidentally discovered the Silhouette Cameo, and my craft world was blown up (in a good way). Last weekend my sister showed me this cutting tool, which is awesome because it’s awesome, and also because it give me the opportunity me to say “lasers” with air quotes like in Austin Powers.

Sunday Scrolling: February 5, 2017

Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears and Chicago Style Pizza

I’m traveling instead of crafting this weekend, so the links I’ve found focus on the Windy City.
  • Here’s a Chicago Blackhawks String Craft.
  • Despite the fact that Chicago hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since 2007, here’s DIY football party featuring Bears themed items:
  • A recipe for Deep Dish Pizza that I haven’t tried, but looks interesting.


Sunday Scrolling: January 29, 2017

Craft rooms, Smitten Kitchen on Food Network and a weekly planner

  • Craft room envy big time, but there are pieces here that could be incorporated into any spot big or small.
  • I’ve been reading Smitten Kitchen for years. So I’m happy for her about her big announcement. And fearful she’ll jump the shark and become another plasticized Food Network celeb that makes things no one would cook.
  • Little notepads are my thing. And this one features a free printable for weekly planning.
  • We don’t really eat sweets,  but this quick idea was so cute I could resist sharing it.


Sunday Scrolling: January 22, 2017

Decluttering, dinosaurs and soup!

A couple of links I found eye-catching this week

  •  The Turquoise Home has been running a great series – 30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess. I’ve been working for several months on my basement, and this technique for clearing a room has a few nice twists.
  • This beautiful wreath is definitely on my “must make” list.
  • This dinosaur project looks like easy fun.
  • I have a thing for planners and calendars, and even though I never really use them, that won’t stop me from looking/pinning.
  • It’s been cold and foggy all week here in Kansas City, which sounds like soup time!

Sunday Scrolling: January 15, 2017

Web cams, tofu and FitBit

A couple of links I found eye-catching this week

  • Web cams at Yellowstone national park – probably better in spring and summer but still kind of neat.
  • With a great coupon code from a co-worker we tried Hello Fresh last summer. This stir fry tofu dish is similar to one of the meals we received.
  • I’m a list maker so any new twist to grocery shopping catches my interest.
  • I recently finished Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (not an affiliate link, so I really encourage you to check it out from the library) and it it she identifies herself as a person who needs to receive gold stars for work she has done. I’m in that category, but I also need my green stars from Fitbit. This older piece by David Sedaris made me laugh..