Sunday Scrolling: January 15, 2017

Web cams, tofu and FitBit

A couple of links I found eye-catching this week

  • Web cams at Yellowstone national park – probably better in spring and summer but still kind of neat.
  • With a great coupon code from a co-worker we tried Hello Fresh last summer. This stir fry tofu dish is similar to one of the meals we received.
  • I’m a list maker so any new twist to grocery shopping catches my interest.
  • I recently finished Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (not an affiliate link, so I really encourage you to check it out from the library) and it it she identifies herself as a person who needs to receive gold stars for work she has done. I’m in that category, but I also need my green stars from Fitbit. This older piece by David Sedaris made me laugh..

Healthier Onion Dip Mix

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. But put me near the dip and chips, and watch out. I like it so much that we had to institute “Dip Mix Season” which runs from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day. There are two additional periods of legal dip mix use- Super Bowl Weekend and Daytona 500 weekend. Consuming dip outside of those calendar dates is frowned upon.

This past year, I stumbled upon an idea to make dip mix healthier. Not healthy. Just a little less bad. The easy swap was using cottage cheese for sour cream.

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Papercrafting in No Time: A Book Review

Papercrafting in No Time: 50 Inspirational Projects Crafted From Paper by Clare Youngs is a paperback book full of (you guessed it) 50 paper projects.

Here’s the Amazon link, but since I’m not an affiliate, I’m always going recommend you check it out from the library first to see if it’s a keeper.

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Inspiration Browsing: Paper Source

I think most papercrafters think of Paper Source as the mother lode of inspiration. To be honest, the store scares me a little. The two locations here are in very upscale shopping centers, and I wasn’t sure how friendly the staff would be to someone like me who crafts on a tight budget.

Boy was I wrong.

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Teeny Tiny Tip: All Matching Socks

A quick trick that doesn’t require a full 500-word essay

To make it easier every morning, and even easier on laundry day, I’ve revamped my sock drawer.

all matching socksFirst, I got rid of all my socks. And replaced them with two weeks worth of identical pairs (not a paid endorsement. just my favorite socks).

And then I got rid of the drawer. Since they are all the same, they don’t need to be sorted. Pick two, any two, you have a winner!