Valentine Craft Roundup

I’ve realized that every year I say I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, and then every year some craft comes around that I just have to try, and sure enough, I’ve decorated for the holiday.

This year, three projects made their way into my crafterday afternoons:

Faux watercolor cards. While technically not a Valentine’s Craft, I combined this technique with my favorite thing – a pun – to make a cheery card. This also let me work on my brush lettering and doodling challenges that I’m doing this year.

Faux watercolor and doodling create a punny Valentine's Card! | suzerspace.comThis super cute garland tugged at my tyopography heart strings. The original post features a different technique; I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the large letter “U” to make my hearts. (It’s Helvetica Neu Bold Condensed if you are keeping score at home). Strung with red and white baker’s twine, it looks happy over my fireplace.

This polka dot technique is more popular as a Sharpie craft on mugs, but I used it to make a gift card holder.

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Cardboard Cross Stitch

Last summer while cleaning up a flooded basement after a super heavy rainfall, I found a small plastic bin with long lost craft supplies. Most everything was past it’s prime – lots of no longer sticky stickers, crumpled and faded paper and dried out paint.

But one survivor was a cute little counted cross stitch kit.

It was a great distraction from the scheduled project of mopping and bleaching the basement floors.

After I finished up the little card, I looked for more cross stitch love, and was rewarded with a lot of cool work being done on a much larger scale – pegboards!  

While they looked amazing, that scope of project is a little large, literally. It would be hard to get something that big home without help from Mr. SuzerSpace, and I’m not sure he’d be onboard with such a project. He’d probably point out that it would be difficult to hang in the end as well, and he would be right.

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Currently: January 2018

January was cold, cold, cold (did I mention it was cold?) here in Kansas City. I know it’s winter, and I’m smart enough to wear a jacket and gloves (I’m looking at you – dude at Target on Sunday when it’s 3 degrees out and you are wearing shorts and flip flops), but this one was one of the coldest I can remember.

I spent a lot of time inside.

Currently, I’m:

  • Better than Before – I read Gretchen Rubins’ The Happiness Project last year, and I’m a sucker for science applied to real life self help books. This one hasn’t disappointed.
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Origins. I’m actually listening to this as an audiobook; the first time I’ve tried to do this. I downloaded it for free from the library, and I’m enjoying listening to it while I do my indoor walking.

Side note: if you haven’t checked into what free services your library offers, you are probably missing out. Besides books, my library offers a free account at, free access to the New York Times, free audiobooks and free digital versions of a lot of really popular magazines. Most of these items I don’t even have to leave the house to get!


Like many, I’m a Pinterest recipe hoarder. I’m trying to actually make some of what I’ve pinned. We tried two new recipes this month, both are definitely keepers.

  • I’ve made vegetarian sloppy joes before, but this Food52 version had a few different ingredients that make it much more than just kid’s food.
  • This super easy roasted broccoli and tofu sheet pan supper was really tasty.  I don’t usually follow recipes exactly, and this was no exception – I  didn’t actually make a miso dressing for this, I just used my standard soy and cider vinegar mix poured over at the end.

Projects that didn’t make the blog –

  • A new sticker for my front door cut (photo at the top of this post) out of white contact paper, using the same method I detailed before the holidays.
  • Brush lettering is an ongoing new project. I signed up a free basic stroke challenge, and then bought the next workbook in the series. I’ve made it through all the lowercase letters, and have now signed up for a new 90 day challenge from another teacher. It’s a fun and frustrating hobby, and I was even brave enough to post an actual lettered word on my Instagram feed (and below). I’m proud of it because I know all the work that went into it, but I also know I need a ton of more practice.

Currently practicing brush lettering |

I’m totally getting the “Practice makes progress” mantra these days!


Quick note: none of the links in this post are affiliate, and while I have PLENTY of opinions, no one has compensated me for any of them.

Personalized Phone Case

Last Fall, Mr. Suzerspace and I upgraded our phones. Right away, we needed safe places to store them. And just as urgent was a protective case.

As luck would have it, even though we browsed the aisles separately, we both chose the same case for our phones. We laughed about how couples become more similar as they age, and then decided we both had made the best decision and bought them.

As time has gone by, it’s been an entertaining but frustrating experience to pick up the wrong phone, over and over and over.

So I decided to  “mod” mine. Does anyone say that anymore?

I didn’t want anything flashy. Just something that would let me see the difference before flipping it over.

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Paper Strip Ornament

First in a series of 12 Paper Ornaments For Christmas

For a couple of years now, I’ve had the vision of setting up a second Christmas Tree that would feature all hand made ornaments.

Every year it sounds super great idea. And every holiday season passes and I’ve done nothing about it.

Sound familiar?

This year I’ve decided to tackle this as a solid project. I’m going to make one different type of ornament a month for 12 months. Since most will be made out of paper, it will be easy to make multiples to fill a small tree.

For the record, I’m saying this all out loud, right here, for accountability.

And I’m inviting you to play along. This will be fun, or weird, especially in August when we’re working on ornaments and complaining about the lack of air condtioning.

First up is this super simple ornament.

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