Sparkly Spring Sign

A door decoration to mark the new season

A sparkly spring sign to mark the new season comes together from colorful papers.

And we made it!

Seriously, Winter is a long one here in the Midwest.

It starts out as a minor change to the fall, and the beginning of it is caught up in the fun of the holidays. And then it gets colder. And darker.

The weathermen go crazy if it snows. And they go crazy if it doesn’t snow.

Spring-like weather teased us in February. And then Winter came back.

But today, it’s for reals. Even if it snows again (and history says it might), it still is Spring.

Time for a new door decoration!

I posted earlier about a failure in my craft world when I tried to make a complicated Winter sign for my living room.

For Spring, I went really easy.

I had a leftover photo mat, and I cut a cereal box and a piece of polka dot paper the same size.

The frame and pieces for the sparkly spring sign

In my favorite font, I set up the word “Spring” and cut it from faux digital paper. I love glitter, but I hate vacuuming it up out of the cracks in the hardwood floors, and this designer gives away a ton of nice patterns for download.

At Christmas, I cut a pretty 3-flower which became the top of my Christmas tree. That was before this blog started, so I don’t have a post to link to, but you can see it here. For my dot in the “I” (did you know that has a name?)  I cut a similar flower. It’s just a flower shape cut in three sizes. I cut each one on different yellow and orange papers.

Parts for the sparkly spring sign

Once I had all the parts cut and weeded, I started the assembly.

I used double stick tape to put the yellow polka dot paper on the cereal box back. I also went ahead and stuck the mat to the backer because it would be easier to glue the letters down when it was assembled.

When I was cutting down the box I noticed the tabs on the short edges of the box looked just like a frame hanger.

frame hanger for the sparkly spring sign

Which is convenient, since I need a frame hanger. I scored one so it would bend to accept a nail, and punched a hole in it for that nail (you don’t have to use a flower punch. I just can’t find my regular round one). I saved the other for whatever sign I make next.

I folded and curled the two small paper shapes so they’d be 3-D against the largest flat one.

To make sure the letters space evenly across the frame I laid them out before starting to glue. And I used my favorite craft trick for getting them to line up straight. That is, I didn’t. I purposely made them bounce along the line which looks “springy” anyway, and it avoids having to be so careful when they get glued up.

A glue stick was all I needed to put everything together. I had cut an extra set of flower parts “just in case” so I used them as a corner decoration. Some clear packing tape holds the frame hanger to the back, and this now sits happily on my front door behind my storm door so it doesn’t get wet.


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