Sunday Scrolling: January 22, 2017

Decluttering, dinosaurs and soup!

A couple of links I found eye-catching this week

  •  The Turquoise Home has been running a great series – 30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess. I’ve been working for several months on my basement, and this technique for clearing a room has a few nice twists.
  • This beautiful wreath is definitely on my “must make” list.
  • This dinosaur project looks like easy fun.
  • I have a thing for planners and calendars, and even though I never really use them, that won’t stop me from looking/pinning.
  • It’s been cold and foggy all week here in Kansas City, which sounds like soup time!

Send Hugs and Kisses to your Valentine

There are a lot of theories on how the “xoxo” became known for hugs and kisses. I think it’s neat that the convention has stood the test of time.

This card uses them in a bold graphic style to send a hug and kiss through the mail. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

With the cheerful flower cut out card, it was really tricky to get the colored panel on centered. Worst of all, that was one of the final steps in making the card, so you could ruin all your work right at the last second. This card takes the difficultly level down a notch in assembly by providing an extra panel for folding in.

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Teeny Tiny Tip: The best bedside water glass

A quick trick that doesn’t require a full 500-word essay

Do you knock your water glass off your bedside table while rearranging your  blanket? Or miss the table when going to put the glass back down, spilling water near your precious bedside electronics?

Oh. Me neither 🙂

In case you have a friend that does, the best bedside water glass by far is not a glass at all. It’s a sport water bottle.

The best bedside water glass isn't a glass at all

Plastic, so it’s unbreakable. With a nozzle cap so if you knock it over, nothing spills. And if you hunt around, super inexpensive (not a paid endorsement. just my favorite brand of water bottle).

Added bonus – you can take it with you for walks, bike rides or in the car.

Cheerful Flower Cut Out Card

Here’s a happy flower card perfect to send with your choice of an upbeat message.

inside panel of flower card with yellowThe card is easily customized by choosing the color of the inside front panel. You can use any plain or printed stock for this panel. I’ve set up my card to fit an A2 envelope, so that front panel isn’t very big. That means you can get several panels from a sheet of paper.

The version I made uses a perky yellow panel made from simple construction paper. Today has been cloudy and gloomy, so I’m hoping it will bring a little sunshine into someone’s life.


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House Divided: Packers vs. Cowboys Faux Credential

“Credentials” for the NFC North Divisional Playoff Game

As mentioned elsewhere, I really like to make faux credentials for holidays and other events. It makes our simple celebrations seem more big time.

Today’s NFC North Divisional Playoff Game features the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. At our house, our allegiances are divided.  One of us is from Wisconsin. And the other grew up in West Texas, where it practically required by law to be a Cowboys fan.

I whipped up a set of faux football credentials for the game. This time I added icons to the backs to show the “services” that were included (parking, hotel, kitchen service, free bar, etc.)

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