Happy Planter

A super quick upcycle craft

Black marker turns a plain, weathered terra cotta pot into a happy planter | suzerspace.com

While looking up Mother’s Day ideas, I came across this pin.

Super cute.

But I don’t have any small pots with matching saucers, or any bright paint colors.  (Also, my mom is 500 miles away, and I’m not mailing her a potted plant; but that is beside the point).

As with most craft pins, I’m faced with two choices:

  1. Leave the pin on my Pinterest board and try to remember to pick up those items on my next monthly run to the craft store.
  2. Take the spirit of the craft and do it my way.

If you haven’t guessed which option I chose, you haven’t been reading very closely 🙂

The timing was actually perfect – we spent a weekend afternoon clearing up the winter trash from the yard and patio. Raking, trimming, dusting, bagging. We almost thought about painting the outside of the porch again (it’s only been two years since we had the house painted and the porch doesn’t match). But we successfully avoided that project again.

While dumping out the leaves from the terra cotta pots I use for container gardening, I realized I had the perfect canvas for my craft.

And it couldn’t have been easier. In fact, with a little help, this would make a great kids craft, too.

I traced a coffee can lid onto a cereal box, and I traced the bottom of my glue stick as well. I drew a line across the circle at about the halfway point.

The template to create a happy planter

And I cut both parts out with scissors.

I taped the circle to my pot with tape, and positioned one eyeball. I traced around them with a black Sharpie. And then I moved the eyeball template to the other side, trying to keep it level and even. After tracing that, I removed the template pieces and threw them away.

Template on the pot to make the happy planter

And then I colored the outlines in with black Sharpie. It takes a bit of a steady hand near the outlines, but then you can go to town filling in the center. I let the first coat dry in the sun and then went back over it.

Next weekend we’ll get dirt and seeds and start our garden!

I was featured at Scraptastic Saturday

11 thoughts on “Happy Planter”

  1. I totally get it – I do the same thing. I see something I like the look of but don’t have all the supplies. Time to improvise.. …. Love your pot.

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